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We’ve taken our considerable knowledge gained from our experience running one of the few year-round tour agencies in Skagway, AK––offering horseback tours, dog-sledding tours, flightseeing and other adventures––and put it towards creating this useful guide to help you figure out when the best time of year is to visit.

First of all, the title is a little misleading, because really, there is no bad time to visit Alaska, as any local will tell you! It really just depends on what type of experience you are looking for. The summer seasons are probably the busiest time for tourists. But when you think Alaska, you think about the winter. And if you’re not a cold weather person, it may surprise you to find out that for many people, the winter is actually the ideal time to visit. We will explain the charms of each season to help you figure out when would be the best time for you to visit.


From mid-May to mid-September, Alaska experiences its peak visitor season. The weather is in the mid-60s to low 70s everyday––though it still rains pretty regularly. The salmon are running, and access to Alaska’s natural beauty is much easier during the summer thaw.

Also, this is the time you get to experience Alaska’s extended daylight, where the daylight hours can run from 16 to 22 hours long, depending on the day and where you are. If you want to do something on the water, or if you want to spend extra time in the wilderness, the summer months are the best time. In the winter, it’s too cold, and the mud can sometimes get out of hand in the fall and spring.


Around October is when snow first begins to hit Alaska, at least from south central Alaska on up. During these months, when it’s not snowing, it’s raining, which can make any activity on a boat or in the wilderness pretty dangerous. These months are not the most popular for tourism, although there can be pretty good skiing in the mountain towns around here. If you’re looking for a good deal, though, because of the decrease in tourism, a lot of places are offering reduced prices during these months.


It may surprise you to find out that winter is actually pretty good time to visit Alaska. If you want to see dogsledding and snowmobile races, or spend nights watching the Aurora Borealis glow and wave high above the bright clean snow, then the winter months—December through February—are the ideal time for you to visit.


Spring is another one of those times that’s a lot cheaper to visit, mainly because it’s not the most popular time of year for tourism. It’s true that some places are beginning to open their salmon season around this time, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best time for fishing. In fact, it’s pretty much just non-stop rain. We love it here, because that’s what gives us our incredibly verdant summers. But for the non-Alaskan, it can be a bit of a bummer to be rained in throughout your whole vacation.

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