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Flight tours, also called flightseeing tours, are one of Alaska’s most popular types of guided tours. Instead of taking in the sights and scenery from the ground, you’re up in the air looking down. By plane or helicopter, you get a unique bird’s-eye view of the great state of Alaska, and your tour guide can show you areas that may not be easily visible from a hiking trail or bus.

If you are flightseeing in Skagway, AK with Klondike Tours, Inc., you’ll be up in a plane with a guide and tour group, your eyes wide with wonder as each breathtaking view comes into your field of vision. Tour pilots are very knowledgeable in the areas they fly, and they will point out natural features left and right and share stories of the land’s history.

Flight safety

Like many people, you may be hesitant about strapping yourself into a seat to go up high in the sky in an airplane over the vast lands of Alaska. But we want you to know that safety is a top priority here at Klondike Tours, Inc. All our tour pilots are experienced and fully trained; they know Alaska forward and back and have years of experience flying planes in Alaskan weather conditions. In addition to flying with a skilled pilot, remember that, from the start of the tour to when you land, you’re sitting safely inside the plane with a clear view from a window.

What to wear and bring

Although you’ll be in a plane and not exposed to the elements when up in the air, it’s still a good idea to dress for the temperature on the ground. In other words, dress how you would for a day hike tour or bus tour. Wear comfortable layers, and bring a jacket or warm sweater on the plane. Wear polarized sunglasses to block the glare from the sun off the snow below—otherwise, you may have a hard time seeing Alaska’s glorious peaks and glaciers. Also, apply sunscreen before boarding the plane for flightseeing.

To document your flight tour adventure and trip to Alaska, be sure to bring a camera or video camera, or use your smartphone’s camera! Pack extra batteries and make sure your devices are fully charged. Furthermore, depending on the size of the plane or tour group, there may not be room for large bags—leave bags on the ground or in your lodging accommodations.

Flight tours we offer

Here are your flightseeing tour options when you choose to fly with us:

  • A 1-hour Glacier Bay Tour: Make your way over the East Arm of Glacier Bay National Park to see mountain peaks, glaciers and rivers.
  • A 1.5-hour Glacier Bay Tour: This extended tour shows you the East and West Arms of Glacier Bay National Park.
  • Pilot’s choice flight tour: See the spectacular glaciers and mountains of Southeast Alaska while flying over Glacier Bay National Park to Mount Fairweather to Mount Crillon.

Are you exciting for flightseeing in Skagway, AK? Book your flight tour with Klondike Tours, Inc. today!