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Despite the mudslide that occurred not too long ago near Skagway’s largest cruise ship dock—no one was injured, thank goodness—we have to say we are very pleased with the time we spent with all you wonderful people this season.

We’d like to take a little bit of time right now and commemorate the good times we had with you all, our friends, this season. We can’t say how much we’re looking forward to the adventures we’ll have together in the future.

Without further ado, here are all the things we’re thankful for this season.

The people

We are devout lovers of the outdoors—and as tour guides in Skagway, AK, how could we not be? But what truly makes this job worthwhile to us is the people. We get such a variety of guests here for our tours: wilderness experts and wilderness novices, the young father teaching his son to fish for the first time, retired couples looking for a little peace in the outdoors, city folk who have never seen an elk, foreigners and old native-Alaskan sons and daughters come home after years in the Lower 48. And all of you, in your variety, bring something unique to the experience for us. Skagway is our home, and you make it better for us.

So, to everyone we spent time with this year, the outgoing ones and the shy ones, the quiet learners and the take-charge types, the kids and the parents, all of you, thank you for making this season one to remember.

The fishing

You know, there have been years where the fishing was easier, but as they say, the worst day of fishing beats the best day of working, which is true for everyone. However, when you’re us, you’re presented with a bit of a paradox, because sometimes fishing and working are the same thing!

We really enjoyed fishing with you all this year. We loved that we got to watch a few of you catch your very first fish, and that we had a chance to impart some of our passion to all the first-timers. Our freezers are filled with salmon, hopefully enough to last us until next season, and every time we fill our bellies, we will be thinking about the time we shared with all of you.

The memories

We’ll remember pointing out black bear cubs on the shore as we sped by them in our fishing boats. We’ll remember the children laughing, watching real live bald eagles swoop down and take away the carcasses of the very fish that they, the children, caught with their own two hands. We’ll remember you slapping at your face as the no-see-ums and mosquitoes worked their way underneath your mosquito netting. We’ll remember all of it––all the laughter, and all the good times. We’ll hole up through the rainy months, pray we get no more mudslides and wait patiently for winter to come. Then, there are more adventures to be had––dogsledding under the Northern Lights, exploring glaciers, snowshoeing. Until then, thanks for the memories this season, everyone!

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