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No trip to Alaska is complete without a thrilling flightseeing tour over and around the land’s magnificent glaciers. Think of the pictures you can take, and the memories you will keep. Here’s what you need to know about Klondike Tours, Inc.’s Glacier Bay flight tours in Skagway, AK.

What is flightseeing in Alaska?

Flightseeing tours, also called flight tours, are guided trips that take you high up in the sky. For many areas of Alaska, being up in a plane is the best way for visitors to see and marvel at all that this beautiful state has to offer. Flightseeing planes often carry two to eight people, flying up to get a breathtaking view of sunbathed, snow-covered glaciers—or to see whatever it is a specific tour offers. Your knowledgeable pilot will point out natural features below and tell stories of the land and its history, all while you enjoy a front row seat and a bird’s eye view.

Prepare for your flight tour

First, it’s important to know that our flightseeing tours are safe! In fact, safety is our number one priority for all our tours—our pilots are highly experienced and know how to fly in Alaska’s weather conditions. Many people are not keen on flying, let alone having to sit in quarters tighter than a commercial flight. But Klondike Tours, Inc.’s flight tours in Skagway, AK are different in that you get a spectacular view that will make you want to look out the window the entire time.

The best way to prepare for a flightseeing tour is to dress for the temperature at ground level, and bring a jacket or sweater for the plane ride. You’ll also want to wear sunglasses so you can see through the glare off the snowy glaciers and peaks. Sunscreen is not a bad idea, but out of respect for other people on the tour, don’t apply a product with a strong scent, and put it on before entering the plane.

Don’t forget to bring your camera, video camera or smartphone to capture your adventure! Make sure your device is charged up, or bring extra batteries. You should also plan on leaving large bags and purses on the ground, so keep your sunglasses and camera on your person when you arrive at the plane.

Klondike Tours, Inc. offers a 1.5-hour Glacier Bay flight tour!

Our 1.5-hour Glacier Bay tour takes you and your group over the East and West Arms of Glacier Bay National Park, and thanks to the extra time in the air, we’ll also go into the Fairweather mountain range for a view of tide water glaciers falling far down to reach the ocean. Want to take advantage of our Ski Pane Glacier Landing option when possible? You’ll land on a glacier for a chance to explore the snowfield.

If you want to add a Glacier Bay flightseeing tour to your trip’s to-do list, give us a call at Klondike Tours, Inc. to book your spot today. Feel free to ask about our other exciting flight tours in Skagway, AK!