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Looking for a unique Alaskan experience? How about gold panning tours in Skagway, AK! Gold panning tours are a great experience for everyone in the family, and fun for all.

You’ll be able to take a step back in history with our gold panning tours. Not only will you retrace the steps of gold miners—the people who helped carve out an existence in Alaska’s wilderness—but you will be able to experience the excitement of discovering gold for yourself. In fact, you are just about guaranteed to find gold in every pan! As many times as we’ve done these tours, there’s always something new to discover and explore. No two tours are ever the same, which means that our gold panning tours are truly a unique experience every time.

Here, at Klondike Tours, Inc., we offer two unique gold panning tour experiences. You can choose the tour that best fits your schedule and your family.

White Pass Gold Panning Tour

With this tour, you can revisit the original Klondike Trail that was forged by explorers seeking their fortune in the Alaskan wilderness. Our staff members are dressed in character to reflect the miners of 1898. They will take you back to the times of gold panning and give you a firsthand look into the history of Alaskan gold mining. Unlike your history books, this experience allows you to literally step back in time and see firsthand what life was like for a miner back in 1898.

This tour isn’t all about the gold panning, however. You will also be able to take in the beauty of White Pass. White Pass is made of the boundary ranges of the Coast Mountains and is home to the Yukon Route Railway and the Klondike Trail. The entire tour is about three hours long, with about 15 minutes of gold panning time.

Yukon Dogs and Gold

Looking for the full Alaskan gold panning experience? Than this tour is for you! Take in every aspect of the Alaskan wilderness with a combination of a bus tour, dog sledding and gold panning.

This tour will start with a mini bus tour, where our expert guides will tell you the history of Alaskan gold mining, captivating stories about the gold rush and interesting facts about the plants and animals that make up the Alaskan wilderness.

The bus tour will be followed by a dog sled adventure that takes place in a remote portion of Canada. You will be able to spend time with our puppies and then enjoy a unique Alaskan experience behind a team of our best mushers. The dog sled ride is about 1.3 miles long and takes about 20 minutes.

Finally, this tour will end with about 30 minutes of gold panning time where you and your family will learn about the process of gold panning and the life of a gold miner in Alaska back in 1898.

If you are looking for a fun, exciting Alaskan adventure that is perfect for the whole family, you’ll want to experience one of our gold panning tours in Skagway, AK. To learn more, call us today!