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Sometimes, a part of your vacation planning involves deciding whether you want to book a guided tour or explore a new area on your own. If you crave adventure, the outdoors and a good time, consider the former option when getting ready to head off to Alaska. With that in mind, here are five good reasons to use Klondike Tours as your tour guides in Skagway, AK:

  • Enjoy hassle-free planning: Coming to Alaska and want to have a great time without the hassle of planning? If so, sign up for a group or private tour! Klondike Tours offers tour packages, including horseback riding along the coast, hiking, zip lining and rafting adventures. When you sign up for a guided tour, get ready to sit back and relax. From transportation to preparing an itinerary, all aspects of the planning process are taken care of by the tour company, which leaves little for you to worry about—except maybe which photo you should post next on social media.
  • Take advantage of local fun: If you’ve ever wanted to zip line through the Alaskan rainforest or fish the beautiful Alaskan waters for salmon, then you are going to want to get in touch with Klondike Tours. And that’s not the only local fun available—in Alaska, you can go horseback riding, gold panning, wildlife viewing, dog sledding and so much more. Book your tour date with an experienced adventure tour company like Klondike Tours today!
  • Learn a new skill: Whether it’s fishing, horseback riding or zip lining, you don’t have to be an expert if your guided tour involves such an activity. Your tour guide will not leave you to your own devices. In fact, with a guide nearby to help, you will also get a rundown in safety tactics and what to do before your adventure begins. How many people can say they learned a new skill while on vacation?
  • Guides are full of knowledge: Not only are tour guides in Skagway, AK capable of teaching you new skills, but they’re also chock full of information, because their job is to know about the local culture and its history. Let’s say you are interested in a trail hike or wildlife viewing. Your guide is likely to tell stories of the past, relate tales about people who first discovered the area on foot and stop and point out remarkable land formations. Definitely listen to the history lesson and take in the scenery, and remember you are encouraged to ask questions throughout your tour.
  • Take home the memories: Along with the new skills you learned, you are also sure to take home memories to last a lifetime—and we’re not just referring to your vacation photographs. For years to come, you’ll be pulling stories from your memory bank to retell family and friends of the time you got a hands-on experience in Alaska through your guided tour adventures.

Whether it’s an Alaskan adventure or local activities you seek, consider including tour guides in Skagway, AK in your plans. The team at Klondike Tours will ensure you get the most out of your vacation.