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Alaska is a beautiful vacation destination, but getting the most out of your trip without hiring tour companies in Skagway, AK is going to be nearly impossible. Read on to find out just a few examples of reasons why you need to hire a tour company to experience all that our area has to offer.

Save time planning your vacation

Unless you’re planning on just sitting around during your vacation, a lot goes into planning a trip besides just booking a flight and making reservations for a hotel room. On top of renting a car, you need to plan activities, places to see and other things to occupy your time. Why not take the hassle out of all of that by hiring a touring company? We offer full-day, private tours in luxurious minibuses that will take you all over our wonderful region. Our private tours may go to White Pass, Dyea, Yukon and British Columbia.

Don’t stress over details

Planning an entire trip by yourself is just step one of a potentially stressful vacation. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you still need to worry about renting a car and then figuring out directions to your hotel. After you get to your hotel you may feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off. There’s so much to do, but so little time to do it all. A tour guide will be able to take care of all those little details. From a professionally planned itinerary to transportation for you and your group, we’ve got your back.

Experience everything we have to offer

In addition to the sightseeing available on private tours, we offer a multitude of other day tours and trips that are sure to please every member of your family. From wildlife viewing to ziplining, there’s really something for everyone. If you don’t hire tour companies in Skagway, AK, there’s no way you could experience all of the things we offer during your trip.

Stay safe

We won’t tiptoe around it: Alaska isn’t the safest vacation destination for those who don’t know where they’re going, especially if you’re planning to spend a lot of time out in nature. Coming across a grizzly bear during a hike in the wilderness is a very real and potentially dangerous possibility. If you take one of our wildlife viewing tours, you could see a bear, but we guarantee that we’ll be far enough away so you can avoid the risk of being eaten!

We know a thing or two about Skagway, AK

Our professional tour guides have been living in the area for years and years and have decades of experience giving tours. We know all of the great things to do and see in Skagway, and we’ll also be able to provide you with intimate knowledge of the rich history of Skagway and the surrounding towns.

Before you buy your plane tickets and book your hotel room in Skagway, be sure to call Klondike Tours, Inc. to take advantage of at least one of our fabulous tours!