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Sure, vacation is the universal word for relaxing somewhere away from home, but toss in the thrill of ziplining and you’ve really got yourself a vacation to remember. Are you ready for an Alaskan adventure of a lifetime? Here are a few tips to help you prepare for ziplining in Skagway, AK.

Use a legitimate company

As excited as you may be about ziplining, first make sure you are booking your reservation through a legitimate company. Check out their website and do an Internet search to see what their past ziplining customers have to say, then give the company a call to ask a few questions. Ask about things like their safety record, how often their courses are inspected and how they train their guides to keep riders safe.

Dress appropriately

Ziplining means you’re flying above the ground at great speeds for a predetermined distance. Before heading out on your ziplining expedition, make sure you are dressed appropriately. Since the weather in Alaska varies depending on the season, find out from your tour guide the best way to dress for the day. But no matter what, don’t wear a dress, skirt or open-toed shoes to soar over the treetops because these items can be a safety hazard. Also, remove all jewelry and tie up long hair.

Listen to safety instructions

Even if you have ziplined before—but especially if it’s your first time—take heed of your guide’s instructions for the sake of your and everyone’s safety. Some companies will set you up with hours-long ziplining tours in Skagway, AK, which means your group is likely to take breaks here and there throughout the course. Your guide may want to do this to keep everyone together but far enough apart to keep from running into one another. Also follow instructions about how to strap on safety equipment to avoid injury or problems in the air.

Stay vigilant on the course

Although you are always strapped into your harness and hooked onto a safety line, you must remain attentive to what’s going on around you, including the times when you are not actually zipping around. Be vigilant while waiting on a platform so you don’t accidentally step off the edge or get blindsided by a group member coming down toward you. Furthermore, continue listening to your guide’s instructions.

Be honest with yourself

Like any other activity that requires physical exertion, you have to be honest with yourself about your limitations. Although ziplines will undoubtedly have a weight limit, you might consider not going for other reasons. For example, if you are pregnant, scared of heights or have a health problem—like a heart condition, anxiety, severe allergies or your mental or physical wellbeing is compromised in some way—you may consider whether ziplining is right for you. Just remember that zipping through the trees is supposed to be fun, not uncomfortable or terrifying.

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