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Imagine traveling through some of the most beautiful country you will ever lay your eyes on, and then imagine not being able to stop and really take any of I int. Every year, thousands of people book trips on trains thinking that it will be a relaxing and unique experience, but they don’t stop to consider that the only stops they will make are at predetermined stations. Chances are, those thousands of travelers would have been happier on a bus tour. The simple fact of the matter is that bus tours allow a number of opportunities not afforded by other means of travel.
With that in mind, here are some great reasons to use bus tour agencies in Skagway, AK on your next Alaska vacation:

  • Bus trips are better than train trips: Trains are a classic way to travel; however, you miss so much of the country riding the iron rails. One of the major setbacks is being locked in a steel tube clicking and clacking through nature. Sure, a lot of the time you will be off of busy roads and away from the traffic of other tourists, but other times you
    limit yourself.
  • You will stop to take pictures: Let’s face it—on a train your picture taking ability is severely limited to a window. If you aren’t getting a glare from the interior lights, the speed makes your pictures look blurry and out of focus. On a bus, while you may still have some of these problems while in motion, you are able to stop for the incredible photo opportunities Alaska has to offer. You’ll be glad you chose a bus tour when you spot some of the majestic wildlife and have a chance to catch a phenomenal picture or two.
  • More personal experience with guides who know the area: On a train, the only people you’ll encounter are other passengers and train staff. There are no guides ready to tell you about the history of the land, plants or animals. You’ll get your ticket punched and move along from station to station, never stopping to really take it all in. But on a bus, your Alaska tour guide is able to give you a play-by-play of the area and tell you just what to look out for.
  • You can get out and see things firsthand: Two things make train travel difficult: the sitting itself, and how long you have to sit for. While train travel comes with a certain nostalgia, it is slow and (if you are not prepared) boring. With bus travel, you have the same comforts and amenities, but you are spared the hours of non-stop motion. You are able to get out and surround yourself in the natural beauty of Alaska.

For a memorable once-in-a-lifetime vacation to the wild lands of Alaska, set your sights on reputable bus tour agencies in Skagway AK, like Klondike Tours, Inc. Our bus tours are private tours that come with an experienced, knowledgeable driver and guide at your disposal. Call us for more information!