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Alaska, the Last Frontier State, is defined by its rugged mountains, its exceptional ecological diversity and its waterways. Whether you’re discussing the Bering Sea, the Pacific Ocean or Turnagain Arm, the many waterways of Alaska fuel transportation throughout the state and help to drive its economy.

The Taiya River is a beautiful 17-mile stretch of gently flowing water that moves from the Canadian border to the Taiya Inlet. While it’s small in comparison to many of the iconic waterways that populate the great Alaskan landscape, it’s an easily accessible, beautiful stretch of water that you can experience by joining in on one of the rafting tours departing Skagway.

The Taiya River Float from Klondike Tours, Inc. is an enthralling way to experience Alaska from a whole new perspective: from its waterways. During the drive to the river and throughout the duration of your float, you’ll have the opportunity to see an exciting range of wildlife, including porpoises, eagles and seals. An expert local guide will point out plants and animals throughout the duration of your journey down the Taiya River, which consists of a two-and-a-half-hour leisurely float.

The Taiya River Float is suitable for tour-goers of all ages and skill levels. If you’re planning to go on one of the many rafting tours in Skagway, AK available from Klondike Tours, Inc., including the Taiya River Float, there are several things that you should plan to bring along with you, including:

  • Insect repellent:
    It’s often joked that Alaska’s state bird is the mosquito. While that may not be technically true, the Last Frontier does have its fair share of flying pests and creepy crawlies. Insect repellent is especially important if you’re planning to spend any amount of time near the water.
  • Water-resistant camera:
    While the Taiya River Float tour is a leisurely float, there’s still the off chance that your belongings may get wet. Bringing a water-resistant camera is a great way to capture memories without worrying about destroying your favorite gadget.
  • Layered clothing:
    The weather in Alaska can change suddenly, especially near the water. Bring layered clothing on any rafting tours you join in Alaska, but be sure to never wear cotton. Cotton soaks through with water easily, and can become uncomfortable very quickly.
  • Waterproof coat:
    It’s remarkable how much more comfortable a waterproof coat can make your Alaskan journey. Investing in a waterproof coat is a great way to ensure that your Alaskan river rafting trip is comfortable, fun and enjoyable.
  • Set of new clothes:
    While it’s unlikely that you’ll get wet during the Taiya River Float, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Bringing a dry set of clothing along on the tour with you is a good way to make sure that your drive back into town isn’t unnecessarily uncomfortable.

The Taiya River Float is one of the most accessible, exciting rafting tours in Skagway, AK. To learn more about the Taiya River Float or any other tours offered by Klondike Tours,Inc., contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today.