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Yukon Dogs and Gold

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Take Bus to the Yukon, Play with puppies, ride a vehicle pulled by sled dogs and pan for gold.

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Yukon Dogs and Gold


Ride with us on our 24 passenger Mini Buses where your guide will tell you gold rush stories, lots of history, and information about the Plants and animals in this wild and beautiful land. This is your best chance for wild life viewing in Skagway AK.. Like Bears, Goats and Sheep which are all possible on this tour. We stop along the way to check out the Alpine Lakes and majestic mountains. There are great picture op at the Welcome to the Yukon and Alaska signs too where your guide will be happy to take your picture for you.

Dog Sledding

The Sled Dog Adventure takes place in a remote portion of Canada. Where you will get to pet the puppies and learn what a mushers life is all about. The ride is 1.3 miles and takes around 20 minutes. As you fly up and down through this wilderness you will be amazed by the dogs power, grace and their love for running. The owner operator of this Dog camp is a Iditarod Musher who finished 13th in 2017 and the dogs are in training for 2018.

Gold Panning

Experience the thrill of finding those little shiny gold pieces in an out door setting guaranteed to enrich your soul, the pocket book is up to you.


Time Line: Drive 2 hours, Dog Camp 1 hour, Panning 30 Min. Customs 30 Min. Sightseeing 1 Hour

4.5 to 5 hours starting at 9:00 am and 12noon
cost $129 adults, Youths 6 to12 $119.00, Kids 2-5 $39.00 infants under 2 Free

Ride along with the tour and play with puppies but without the sled dog ride. the cost is $89.00 for Adults and $59 for Youths 6-12.


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