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Having the time and means to travel anywhere seems to be a luxury for many people these days. So, when the opportunity does arise, you want to make sure you get the most out of your trip, no matter where you plan to go. For those wanting to visit Alaska, you know there are many beautiful sights to see and exciting things to do—you want to enjoy it all! But vacations are usually limited by time. For this reason, one question that tour agencies in Skagway, AK get asked a lot is whether visitors should see Alaska on a bus tour or from a train.

Let’s take a look at why you might want to seriously consider hopping on a tour bus versus planting yourself in a train seat:

  • So you don’t miss anything: Sure, both buses and trains in Alaska go up the same valley and you can see similar scenery, but the fact is that you are limiting your sight seeing potential when you ride the rails. Look at it this way—a train ride is classic, yet the goal of most trains is to get passengers from point A to point B as fast as possible. On the other hand, tour buses have knowledgeable guides aboard, and tour stops are planned.
  • Trains don’t stop very often: A train cannot offer the same experience as a tour bus can. When you’re on a train, you look out the window for three hours or so, watching as the magnificent landscape whizzes by in a blur. You simply won’t get to take in the view and experience nature like you could on a tour bus.
  • Tour buses stop: If you want to get the chance to explore parts of Alaska, then book a trip on a tour bus! This method of travel lets you get out of the vehicle to touch, feel and breathe in everything Alaska. As previously mentioned, a train will not make sightseeing stops, so all you see are blurs of the scenery—not good for those wanting to take pictures of nature! Book a tour bus to ensure you get the best photos of your trip.
  • Buses come with guides: Make reservations with a reputable bus tour agency and you will undoubtedly get hooked up with a passionate tour guide. Professional bus tour guides offer a more personal experience to guests, and they enjoy explaining all that you are seeing—whether looking out the window or out and about in nature.
  • A bus is more affordable: Many private bus tours are reasonably priced, typically by the hour instead of per person, per destination like the train. This is an especially great option for large touring groups.

When you choose to book your Alaska tours with Klondike Tours, Inc., rest assured you will be in the hands of one of the best tour agencies in Skagway, AK. We offer daily private bus tours, complete with knowledgeable drivers and area tour guides. Contact our team for more information or to reserve a bus tour today!