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Going on a vacation to a beach destination like Florida doesn’t require a tour guide. All you’ll probably be doing is relaxing by the pool or by the ocean. However, if you’re planning a vacation to a more interesting and unique location, like Alaska, you’ll definitely need to hire a tour guide to get the most out of your experience. Here are a few of the reasons you should hire tour guides in Skagway, AK before you book your trip.

Learn more about Alaska

From the rich history of the natives who first settled the land to the stories of prospectors who flooded the area in the late 1800s in hopes of striking gold, Alaska has a fabulous collection of historical stories that you won’t be able to learn if you don’t go on a tour of Skagway. Our town, in particular, has preserved many of the old buildings from the gold rush period, and tour guides in Skagway, AK will be happy to show you and teach you all about them.

Meanwhile, if history isn’t your thing, perhaps nature is! Our tour guides will show you all of the fabulous landscapes Mother Nature has provided us.

Choose from a variety of tours

There is literally something for everyone in Alaska. From learning about the gold rush to exploring the glaciers, anyone can find something they love about their vacation. So whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a history buff, we offer a tour for you. Here are some of our most popular tour offerings and activities:

  • White Pass adventure tour: See snow covered mountains, a 3,000-foot waterfall and glaciers, too! This is the most comprehensive mini bus tour of our area.
  • Flightseeing tour: See Alaska from the sky! Be truly amazed by Alaska’s natural beauty in tours offered by our expert pilots.
  • Dog sledding tour: Have a team of real live sled dogs pull you along a fabulous tour route!
  • Fishing: Alaska has some of the best fishing in the country—don’t miss out on this exciting trip!
  • Liarsville tour: Step back in time to a recreation of what a campground would have looked like during the gold rush! This is the perfect tour for a history lover.
  • Gold panning: Feel like a true prospector as you pan for gold in Alaska! This interactive experience is great for anyone who likes to get his or her hands a little dirty.
  • Wildlife viewing: See nature like you never have before by getting an up-close view of Alaska’s wildlife!
  • Ziplining: This one’s for thrill seekers only! Experience beautiful forests while flying around on a zip line.

We offer private tours!

We understand that your vacation is a time to spend with your family and friends, and you may not want to be around a large group of people. To cater to your needs, we also offer private tours! We have three different sizes of buses that seat 14, 20 or 24 people. Our private tours begin at 8 a.m. and can go as late as 6 p.m. Tours may include but are not limited to White Pass, Dyea, Yukon, and British Columbia.

To learn more, or to book a trip with tour guides in Skagway, AK, get in touch with Klondike Tours, Inc. today!