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The entire state of Alaska offers everything you could ever want in an area. You get to take in the beautiful scenery, see all sorts of wildlife and go on grand adventures by way of land, air or water. And from what you’ve likely been told, Alaska is the place to visit for year-round fun and to create lifelong memories. But just how prepared are you for your trip to Alaska? We want to help you get ready for a hiccup-free, activity-packed vacation to remember!

Here are five things experienced tour guides in Skagway, AK want you to know before visiting Alaska:

  • Clothing to wear: You’ll want to dress in very warm clothing during the winter months, but the other seasons call for several layers. If you’re visiting Alaska when the weather is warm, plan on packing t-shirts, long sleeve cotton shirts, long underwear, socks, a light sweater, a water- and wind-resistant coat, nylon pants and jeans. Summer days are long, so be prepared with sun protection—a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen—and gloves for chilly evenings. Proper footwear is a must and, for comfort, bring shoes and hiking boots that are broken in.
  • Daylight: Summer in Alaska means very long sunny days. Dusk can be as late as 11pm, throwing off visitors’ sleep patterns and messing with their sense of time. Because the sun will still be out when many people are trying to sleep, locals recommend that vacationers bring a sleeping mask to use every night at bedtime. Wintertime is the opposite of summer. Winter brings long dark days, so it’s not difficult to sleep, but it may be harder to stay awake.
  • Activities: If you make reservations with a tour company in Alaska, then adventures await you around every corner! The best part about guided tours is the fact that there’s something for everyone in your group. Soar through the trees on a zip line, hike your way across nature trails, catch a boat to go whale watching or book a private tour bus to take you to any number of Alaskan attractions.
  • Wild animals: Alaska residents will tell you there’s no shortage of wild animals to be seen. Moose and bears wander around everywhere, and whale watching will always be impressive. Alaska is home to a vast variety of birds, insects and woodland creatures, so be on continuous lookout for wild animals from car windows, while on hikes, on tours and from boat decks.
  • Gassing up: Gas stations are few and far between once you get outside of the cities. So if you decide to take to the open road for some adventure, make sure you gas up your rental before leaving the city and refill at your destination.

Zip lining, horseback adventures, Yukon dog sledding, boat tours, river adventures and more—whatever thrill or adventure you seek, turn to Klondike Tours, Inc. for all your outdoor Alaska activities. We are the area’s only year-round tour company, which means our expert tour guides in Skagway, AK are always available to take you out and about. Contact us today to learn more!