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While most people tend to visit Alaska in the summer months, when the weather is warmer and the sun stays out almost the entire day, the tourism industry in Alaska thrives all year long. The beauty of Alaska shines through in different ways in each of the four seasons, so there’s really no bad time to visit Alaska. The season you choose to come depends entirely on the kind of experience you’re hoping to get, and the weather you are able to withstand.

Here’s a little bit of information from our tour guides in Skagway, AK about what you can expect out of your Alaskan vacation at different times of the year.


Spring is not one of the more popular times of year for tourists to visit Alaska, which means you’ll likely findmuch cheaper prices between March and May. The salmon season is just starting to open up in some places at this time of year, which means people coming out for fishing tours will get a good head start on their salmon angling, but the weather isn’t particularly ideal—there’s a lot of rain during the spring, and the weather is still quite cool. This is why spring is probably the time of year that actually sees the least amount of tourist activity in Alaska.


The most popular season for tourism in Alaska, mid-May to mid-September provides beautiful, moderately warm temperatures (generally mid 60s to low 70s most days), though there is still quite a bit of rain. The salmon are out in much greater numbers during the summer months, which makes it an ideal time of year for salmon fishers to take their trip. It’s also much easier to access many of Alaska’s most beautiful destinations during the summer.

The extended daylight hours add some extra reason to visit Alaska during the summer. If you want to pack your days full of outdoor excitement, you could find yourself with as much as 22 hours of daylight to enjoy!


The snow first begins to set in around October in some parts of Alaska, and if it’s not snowing it’s more likely to be raining, which can make a lot of wilderness activities much less enjoyable, if not dangerous. However, there’s still some decent skiing to be found in the mountain towns, and you’ll be able to get a good deal on prices at this time of year, since there are fewer tourists around.


The second-most popular time of year to visit Alaska is in the winter, especially because there are dog sledding and snowmobile races to enjoy, and plenty of skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and other winter activities, not to mention frequent appearances by the Northern Lights. If you can tolerate the cold temperatures and the few hours of daylight, you’ll love Alaska in the winter!

Interested in learning more about what tourism is like in Alaska throughout the various times of the year? Contact our tour guides in Skagway, AK today and we’ll happily answer any questions you have for us.