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It may sound strange, but winter is a good time to get yourself up to Alaska. While summer is a popular time for people to visit this area, winter offers a lot to do as well. For instance, there’s plenty of snow, dogsledding, snowmobile races and the Aurora Borealis, all of which you can get when you vacation in Alaska in the winter. In some ways, the most ideal time to visit is between late December and February.

Alaska is a truly exciting winter destination! Are you ready to take advantage of the snow-covered lands? To help you plan, here are five things that tour agencies in Skagway, AK recommend you do in the winter in Alaska.

Dogsled tours

You might have heard of professional sled dog teams racing to the finish line in competition, but did you know that you can book a dogsled tour in Alaska? The best part is you aren’t obligated to trek out for miles just so you can hang out with huskies! A tour company can help you sign up for a one-hour experience or an entire afternoon of dogsledding.

See the Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is a magnificent sight to behold. The Northern Lights are spectacular and luckily can be seen on clear nights outside the cities, where manmade light is minimal. Hopefully, you are lucky enough to see the iconic green and red light display dancing over the Alaskan sky during the winter months. March may be the best time to see the Aurora Borealis.

Go skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding

Is there plenty of snow in Alaska in the winter months? Absolutely! Snow everywhere gives you lots of options. Go skiing at one of Alaska’s ski resorts, strap on snowshoes and go experience the great outdoors, hop on a snowmobile and speed through the Alaskan wilderness or take on one of Alaska’s designated snowmobile trails.

Soak in a Jacuzzi or hot spring

Did someone say “hot springs”? Yes, we did! And there’s no better time to take a dip in a local hot spring in Alaska than during chilly winter nights. Alternatively, relax in your hotel Jacuzzi with your travel partner, discussing all that you have done and want to do during your time in Alaska.

Kick back and relax

Of course you’re excited to take guided tours, explore local cities and towns and enjoy attractions in Alaska, but you must take some time to kick back and rest your body and mind. Why not do this with a view of Alaska’s beautiful landscape right outside your lodging accommodations while reading a book and sipping on your favorite drink? Recharge, and then get back out there!

Relaxing, taking a tour, engaging in community activities—no matter what your plans may be, let them happen in Alaska. Wintertime in Alaska is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life. Contact Klondike Tours, Inc., one of the premier tour agencies in Skagway, AK, to book one or more tours while on your trip. Call us today!