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There are few more intimate ways to travel than by dogsled, and most people never get to experience it. There is an unforgettable rush that comes with cutting through the Alaskan snow, a team of excited dogs ready to take you into nature at top speed. Where many travelers fail in their Alaskan adventures is how they travel—they rely on roads to get from point A to point B. But in this part of the world, dogs pulling sleds or off-roading wheeled carts can take you to places you have only ever dreamed of.
With a dogsled team taking you around the Yukon, you are almost certainly bound to see wildlife that sightseeing in a car can only imagine! Here’s a preview of some of the different wild animals you are likely to come across during guided dogsledding tours in Skagway, AK:

  • Grizzly bears: Alaska and the grizzly bears—otherwise known as brown bears—are an inseparable pair. These massive and beautiful animals are often feared and were largely driven to the brink of extinction in the lower states, but in Alaska and Canada, the bears thrive. Even though you don’t want to get too close to these animals, a dog team is the
    perfect way to get into the wilderness to see them in their natural habitat.
  • Mountain goats: Alaska’s rough terrain is perfect for the agile and nimble mountain goat. You won’t often see them in the areas populated by humans, but you might catch a glimpse of them in nature. And there is no better way to get into nature than by dogsled.
  • Moose: If you go to Alaska and don’t see a moose, you should book another trip, because you missed out! Like the bears, moose can be dangerous if approached, so it is best to listen to an experienced guide. With a seasoned guide and a strong team of dogs, you should be able to get out to where these giant creatures live.
  • Eagles: Eagles are another part of daily life in Alaska. Even though you can find eagles just about anywhere in the state, it is best to get out away from the towns and see them flying out in nature. Whether hunting in a salmon-stocked river or basking in the morning sun, there is no better way to see eagles than in the wild.
  • Wolves: Wolves are another of Alaska’s iconic creatures. Though they are more difficult to locate than some of the other animals on this list, there is a chance you will see them during a dogsled trip through the Alaskan wilderness. Like many of the state’s wildlife, wolves are best left alone, as they can be dangerous. But a guided sighting is a safe and sane way to marvel at their beauty.

At Klondike Tours, Inc., we offer dogsledding tours throughout the year—the dogs pull sleds in winter and wheeled carts in summer. If you have ever wanted to explore the lands of Alaska in a unique way, then we recommend booking one of our exciting dog sledding tours in Skagway, AK!